May 2018

Teacher Appreciation – 2018

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The first full week in May is National Teacher Appreciation Week, with Tuesday, May 8, 2018 designated as National Teacher Day. A one day - even a weeklong - tribute hardly seems adequate to fully recognize the work of our teachers and the extent that their efforts spread far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. [...]

November 2017

Is the Constitutional Convention truly a rare chance for change?

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Letter to the Editor, Press Republican – Con Con 2017 Mr. Tom Bergdall’s article, In My Opinion titled “Constitutional Convention a rare chance for change” paints a rosy, but unrealistic picture of the proposed New York State Constitutional Convention. He states that “every time a constitutional convention has convened, the people have come out on [...]

September 2017

NYSRTA Gears Up to Fight Constitutional Convention 2017!

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An important message from our NYSRTA president, Angelo Grande *CR, Doris R. Kirsch *CR, Western Zone President,  and Michelle Claus, Public Relations Chairman: Our Constitutional Convention vote is around the corner.  As retirees, we support a NO vote to hold a State Constitutional Convention.  We must make phone calls, talk to friends and colleagues, [...]

August 2017

NYSRTA Announces Winners of Newly Established Annual Hudson-Kramer Memorial Grant

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The New York State Retired Teachers Association has had a long history of supporting retired and active educators, their families and their communities through professional, social, political, and charitable activities on the local and the state levels. In the spirit of this past legacy, The New York State Retired Teachers Association Hudson-Kramer Memorial Grant [...]

Convention News!

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Join us for NYSRTA's 67th Annual Convention, "Wild Treasures: A Journey through the North Country"! Read ahead for workshop and schedule information, download registration forms and checkout the roaring cocktail party theme. Monday, October 30 Registration and Vendor Exhibits 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Welcome Reception – Coffee, tea and [...]

May 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week: A Salute to Teachers

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The term "teacher" can be substituted with instructor, educator, tutor, trainer, guide and coach. But to capture the full impact of what a teacher is, one must really precede that titular name with appropriate adjectives. Coming quickly to mind are: caring, dedicated, patient, knowledgeable, inspiring, empathetic, generous, understanding, passionate, tireless, resourceful and unselfish. Teachers do [...]

April 2017

March 2017 Bylaws Update

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The following propositions have been approved by the Executive Board and sent to the zones for their approval or rejection: 1 Prop MD 2017 appr by EB 3.28.17 2 Prop RUVEM 2017 appr by EB 3.28.17 3 Prop NFPLC 2017 appr by EB 3.28.17 4 Prop ENLM 2017 appr by EB 3.28.17

March 2017

January 2017

BJ’s Membership offer!

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BJ’s has a special Membership offer just for NYS Retired Teachers’ Association 4 Great Reasons to Join or Renew* Get $15 off our $50** Annual Membership Fee (or) $25 off our $100 Rewards Annual Membership Fee FREE Additional 1 Month of Membership = 13 months FREE Second Membership Card for a household member PLUS, BJ’s will donate $5 of your Membership fee to NYS Retired Teachers’ Association

December 2016