Why the requirement? A written response from a member of the Senate Education Committee told us that this was one of the compromises in the 2015 State Budget (you heard that right – the 2015 – not the 2016 budget negotiations) in order to get the budget accepted by the legislature and signed by the governor. The original requests came from the governor’s office.

All teachers who hold a Permanent Certificate (or older certificate), a Professional Certificate, or a Level III Teaching Assistant Certificate MUST establish a TEACH account if they don’t already have one, AND register to stay active, or indicate inactive. Indicate “active” if you think you might work at some point in your future! You MUST register no later than the month of your birth starting with July of 2016. There is no penalty with registering earlier but your five year renewal clock starts with your registration date! Important links appear below. Please read them as they contain much more information than we can include here. And yes, earlier certificates used your social security number and you will be asked that! Make sure you are on the secure SED website. Your local BOCES certification officer can also help you with this. Questions can be referred to the BOCES or to the Associates at SED listed at the end of the article.

NYSED Office of Teaching – Registration and CTLE (Continuing Teacher Leader Education) Requirements:

NYSED TEACH website – Registration Overview

NYSED Frequently Asked Questions regarding TEACH Registration

To actually log-in or create a TEACH account use: http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/teach/home.html

For step by step instructions, captions, and screen captures to create a TEACH account follow this URL address:

To see the process to REGISTER after creating your TEACH account, refer to this URL address:

NYSUT 10 things you need to know about NY’s new registration and continuing education regs with downloadable fact sheet:

Finally, if you would further assistance, please call The Office of Teaching Initiatives at 518-474-3901.