New York Long Term Care

nysrta-national-ltc-logoLong-Term Care Insurance, with DISCOUNTED RATES, is being offered to NYSRTA members, spouses, partners, siblings, parents, parents-in-law, and children (including adopted and foster), between the ages of 18-84. You and your eligible family members may qualify for additional premium discounts. This includes the highly publicized NYS Partnership for Long-Term Care.

This program is administered by New York Long-Term Care Brokers (NYLTCB) in conjunction with National Corporate Benefits Administrators. NYLTCB is an independent nationally recognized insurance intermediary specializing in Long-Term Care, Life and Disability Insurance policies for individuals, employer-sponsored groups and professional associations, including the New York State Retired Teachers’ Associations (NYSRTA).

Long-Term Care Insurance provides coverage for services needed by people who are no longer able to care for themselves due to chronic illness, injury or the effects of aging.

Reasons individuals purchase Long-Term Care Insurance:

  • Substantial Tax Advantages
  • Protect Retirement Assets and Avoid Medicaid Spend Down (Impoverishment)
  • To Avoid Being a Burden to Loved Ones
  • To Ensure Choice and Control of Health Care Decisions
  • The Ability to Receive Care in Home As Opposed to a Facility

Call today to learn more about this rewarding benefit:

Brian M. Johnson, MBA, CLTC – 1-800-695-8224 ext.

11 Executive Park Dr.
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Senior Life : Life Insurance

Pearl CarrollSenior Life : Life Insurance Now there’s a life insurance policy designed with you in mind. You can’t be turned down, your rate will never go up. GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE for ages 45 to 80, no medical exam required, no health questions, no rate increases and coverage to age 120!

Apply today. It’s fast and easy. Call toll-free 1-877-217-4159. See this PDF for more details.

Dental Insurance
Underwritten by CIGNA Dental

CIGNA Dental Provides a Dental HMO plan that will allow NYSRTA members to pick from CIGNA’S network of over 30,000 participating dental providers. Routine preventive services are covered, while more complex procedures will require co-payments. All participating dentists are held to CIGNA’s high standards for quality, as defined by their quality management program criteria.

Monthly Rates

  • Member Rate $28.60
  • Member & Spouse Rate $53.77 *Member + (spouse or child)


Vision Insurance
Underwritten by Davis Vision

Healthy eyes and clear vision are an important part of overall health and quality of life. Vision insurance from Davis Vision can help NYSRTA members care for their eyes while also providing assistance with the rising cost of eye wear. Davis has an extensive network of independent, private practice doctors and select retail partners throughout all 50 states.

Monthly Rates

  • Member Rate $8.61
  • Member & Spouse Rate $19.80

Questions? Contact 1-866-478-8907

Hospital & Home Care Recovery Insurance
Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company

This plan from New York Life is designed to provide the members of NYSRTA with extra money to help cover the cost of hospital stays and the recovery afterwards. The plan pays a cash benefit based on the duration of a hospital stay(s) and any required home care services for recovery. That extra money can be used towards medical and home care bills, or other expenses, such as groceries, utility bills, and daily living expenses.

Monthly Rates by Age:
Under 70 $25
70 – 74 $35
75 – 84 $50
85+ $60
*Also spouse rate

Pet Insurance
Underwritten by VPI Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance Policies cover medical problems and conditions related to accident and illnesses (including cancer). Coverage is available for dogs, cats, birds and other exotics. This plan can help pay for things like: lab fees, treatments, prescriptions, surgery and more, after a low per incident deductible.

Monthly Rates
Premiums vary based on the age of the pet, species, size (as an adult), plan type, and deductible.

Auto and Home Insurance buying service for the Members of NYSRTA

A Multi-Carrier Approach

Pearl Carroll has over 10 different insurance companies to quote your Auto or Home Policy with, making it easy to find the right combination of coverage and price for you.

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Getting quotes for your Auto or Home insurance is easy and best of all free.  You can get started at, or simply by calling an agent in our home office at 1-877-217-4153.

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