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NYSRTA considers that all adults working in any educational institution are educators and membership is open to all active or retired teachers, administrators, and other certified professionals, as well as non-certified staff in New York State public and private educational institutions (Pre-K to university), along with their spouses.

NYSRTA has served retired educators for decades, with the members always being paramount.

  • NYSRTA has been in existence since 1951, which validates both the organization’s mission and its efficacy
  • Since its inception , NYSRTA has defined itself as a dynamic organization of retired educators working together to support and strengthen the quality of life for all retired educators, their families and communities. This has been accomplished through the continued efforts and support of the members and their work in various committees.
  • All members are welcome to voice their opinions and all retired educator members have the opportunity to be delegates at the annual meeting and to become leaders on both the local and state levels.

Our Friendly Service program is a personal, in-depth service that takes its mission from its name—to provide friendly service to all members, especially our older members and shut-ins. Emphasis is on communications. The Zone Friendly Service people also assist members with accessing available financial aid.

NYSRTA has a robust legislative program which focuses mainly on retirees’ needs.

  • Although many other retiree organizations provide legislative action, NYSRTA, with its initiatives directed by the members, tends to focus on the needs of the retiree. That said, NYSRTA not only works for the benefit of retirees, it also works to improve conditions for the working educator.
  • 2009 NYSRTA helped get legislation passed assuring retirees of permanent health insurance coverage.
  • NYSRTA members are a volunteer army working on behalf of retired educators in New York State.
  • NYSRTA reaches out to other retiree organizations and works with them on issues common to all retirees.

NYSRTA is run in a professional manner, all meetings adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order (RONR-11). We operate in accordance with strict bylaws put in place, and enforced by, our retiree organization.

Member benefits are available. Special discount programs and services provide access to group-rate insurance programs for dental, vision, and hearing plans; home and auto insurances, as well as discount package travel opportunities.

  • Abenity – provides members with an elite collection of local and national discounts from thousands of hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, retailers, florists, car dealers, theme parks, national attractions, concerts, and events through Abenity. Some of the vendors offering available savings include Costco, Sprint, Firestone, DirecTV, T-Mobile, Dell, Target. com,, Brooks Brothers, TJ Max, Bed Bath and Beyond, and
  • Robert R. DeCormier Memorial Trust Fund provides aid to retired educators facing extreme financial problems, and financial needs with a personal un-reimbursed expense such as funeral, medical or dental expenses.
  • Membership dues may be recouped by the many benefits available to each member


Communications are important to NYSRTA.

  • NYSRTA maintains a website (at to keep members current with useful information such as connections to private and public employers interested in hiring retirees.  The website also provides free ad space for members and important documents such as the Leader’ Manual and the current Bylaws.
  • Our quarterly magazine, YORK STATE, brings news and important information from the zones, with updates on the actions taken by our Executive Board, important State and Federal legislative issues, Health Care matters and statewide Association news.
  • In addition to information found in YORK STATE, various committees share information with members on a local and regional basis; included would be Community Service opportunities, Membership matters, Public Relations incentive grants, and Health Care news.