November 2015 Update:

Congratulations to the new leadership!

  • Angelo Grande *CR, President;
  • Kevin Mulligan, Executive Vice-President
  • Harriet Beers *CR, Vice-President for Friendly Service
  • Brian Sherman, Vice-President for Legislative Action
  • Judith Farmer, Secretary

The Nominations Committee of NYSRTA met in Utica on Monday, July 13, 2015, in the Board Room of the Radisson Hotel at 2 PM.

The committee met for the purpose of introducing and interviewing four candidates for four different positions within the organization.

The candidates are:

  • Angelo Grande *CR, President;
  • Kevin Mulligan, Executive Vice-President;
  • Harriet Beers, Vice-President for Friendly Service;
  • Brian Sherman, Vice-President for Legislative Action.

(Harriet Beers, applicant for the Friendly Service position, could not attend, unfortunately, due to a travel predicamen.)

All four applicants were unanimously recommended to the Executive Board for the above  positions of leadership in NYSRTA for 2016.

There is one position that  remains unfilled, and that is secretary for the organization. Current  secretary Nancy Roberts indicated a few weeks before the deadline that she would not be continuing after October 31, 2015. This position will need to be filled at the Convention by nominations from the floor and a vote by the membership. In fact, any of the above positions may have nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Emily Flachbart Castine,
Nominations Chair

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